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Department of Health Self Care Week: 15th-21st November 2010 read more...
on 17/11/2010
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The Australian Podiatry Council has found that urgent action is required to help reduce the risk of lower limb amputations for patients with diabetes.It is estimated that as many as 24 people per day are having an amputation as a result of complications in diabetes.Diabetes can cause circulation... read more...
on 12/04/2012
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BBC News have reported that 15 minutes of daily exercise is the bare minimum for optimal health.Just 15 minutes of exercise can boost life expectancy by three years and cut death risk by 14%.  This research article was based on investigating the benefits of different levels of physical... read more...
on 17/08/2011
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Healthy Feet Can Lead to a Happy Head, Reduce Stress and Fatigue read more...
on 04/11/2010
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High Heels May Lead to Joint Degeneration and Knee Osteoarthritis read more...
on 07/10/2010
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